PU 3D Printing for Urgent Motorcycle Part Manufacturing

DAB Motors, a manufacturer of electric motorcycles, urgently required a gear selector part that could withstand frequent outdoor use and abrasion. To meet this challenge, they turned to Lynxter, who saw this as the perfect opportunity to produce their first functional part using elastomeric PU through their 3D printers, the S600D and S300X.

DAB Motors

Founded in 2017 by Simon Dabadie, DAB Motors is a French motorcycle manufacturer based in Bayonne. It makes the quest for singularity its precept for the design of its exceptional motorcycles. The creativity-innovation duo is at the heart of the development of DAB Motors motorcycles, which aim for a high level of quality, driving excellence and a design that is always at the cutting edge. Sleek, agile, urban, DAB Motors’ motorcycles are 100% electric and unique only, available on demand: in 2021, it launches the Concept-E, a luxury electric motorcycle, the brand’s first electric motorcycle.

Concept-E from DAB Motors

Concept-E from DAB Motors

Using 3D printing

But before designing electric motorcycles, DAB Motors designed a series of combustion engine scramblers called the LM-S 500. During maintenance on one of these bikes, they found that one of the parts was damaged and needed to be replaced.
DAB Motors had to produce a gear selector tip as quickly as possible so that the bike could be shipped overseas a few days later. The time frame was very short, too short to wait for a delivery. It is in these situations that 3D printing can be very reactive to produce the missing part in a few hours or days.
This request had to meet DAB Motors ‘s requirements, which designs high-end custom motorcycles.
The part had to be functional, durable, precise with a high-quality surface finish.

Printing of a PU gear selector tip

Lynxter decided to make this part in P.U to meet the conditions of road and use of the motorcycle, while providing sufficient hardness and cushioning necessary for the part and the comfort of riding.

L’ancienne moto LM-S 500 de DAB Motors

The former LM-S 500 motorbike from DAB Motors

Why choose PU?

Elastomeric polyurethanes are synthetic rubbers with high mechanical resistance.
In rigid or flexible form, they are present in many everyday objects, both in everyday consumption and in industrial production. We can mention for example car control panel or skateboard wheels.
It is notable by its many advantages such as its durability and lightness. A multitude of remarkable characteristics can be listed:
– Very good thermal insulation.
– High resistance to compression and settling.
– High thermal resistance.
– Low weight, it is a light insulator.
– Good mechanical resistance.
– Durable, PU is resistant to time and external elements.
All these advantages make them widely used in automotive construction. Strong and light, they provide protection and resistance to motorized parts without altering the weight of cars or motorcycles, which then gain in performance and durability.

PU printed shifter tip on the LM-S 500 from DAB Motors

PU printed shifter tip on the LM-S 500 from DAB Motors

Currently in the experimental phase, it is now possible to make the first prints of industrial grade elastomeric PU in MEX on Lynxter’s S600D and S300X 3D printers (Lynxter has teamed up with material supplier Synthene). Lynxter is working on a PU 72 ShA for the production of industrial parts.
From small series to o maintenance, elastomeric PU printing is on the way to offering an unprecedented solution for this sector.

PU 3D Printing on the 3D printer S600D

PU 3D Printing on the 3D printer S600D


SECTOR Automotive – Motorcycle
APPLICATION Gear selector tip/td>
MATERIALS Polyurethane elastomer 72 ShA
DIMENSIONS 32x32x60mm
3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY 3D Printers S600D, S300X with LIQ21
LAYER HEIGHT 0.35mm/td>

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