Lynxter Materials

Lynxter develops industrial and medical grade materials for professional MEX/FDM 3D printers. Our materials are easy to use, durable and high performing.

mpression 3D bobine de filament impression 3D lynxter
logo filament lynxter 3D printing



Thermoplastics 3D printing

Discover our Lynxter 3D printing thermoplastic filaments.
Industrial 3D printer’s French manufacturer, Lynxter uses its experience and know-how to develop a range of high-performance and easy-to-use 3D printing filaments.


matière impression 3D seringue de silicone
logo Lynxter Silicone 3D printing



Elastomers 3D Printing

Discover our elastomers materials for additive manufacturing.
As a pioneer in silicone 3D printing, Lynxter sells syringes of mono and bi-component materials such as silicones or polyurethanes. Adapted to demanding environments and with good mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, the printed parts are strong and functional as soon as they leave our machines.

PU-001 (coming soon)

seringue impression 3D de pates ceramiques
logo lynxter paste 3D printing



Infilled pastes 3D printing

Discover our filled pastes for 3D printing.
3D printing pastes just got easier with Lynxter’s range of ready-to-use materials. Our traditional ceramics are suitable for many applications requiring high temperature resistance and good chemical inertia such as for manufacturing design objects

CLAY-001 (coming soon)