Lynxter launches a new silicone 3D printer

Additive manufacturing is rapidly gaining in popularity. It is increasingly affordable, easy to use and reliable! Yet a few pieces of the puzzle are still missing, restricting what users can do. The knowledge and experience in silicone 3D printing that we have acquired over the years, beginning on the S600D, has allowed us to announce a groundbreaking new solution for the 3D printing of elastomers: the S300X.
The S300X is the most powerful option on the market today for printing medical and industrial grade silicones and polyurethanes. Shapes that can’t be printed are now a thing of the past thanks to its integrated printed support technology.
A compact, reliable and sturdy industrial tool with an open philosophy, the S300X is the ideal machine for producing customized masking parts for post-processing (painting, sanding, plasma treatment etc.), dampers, seals, orthoses certified for skin-contact and textiles with additional functionality.
S300X, the rapid response capabilities of 3D printing, are now available in industrial and medical grade silicone and polyurethane” Thomas Batigne, CEO of Lynxter.

Silicone 3D Printer S300X by Lynxter

Silicone 3D Printer S300X by Lynxter


3D Silicone 3D printing

Though this innovation, Lynxter is democratizing printing with silicone. A simplified, affordable and open solution designed for multiple applications: industrial (seals, masking, maintenance etc.), R&D (prototyping, material formulation, soft robotics) and medical (epitheses, protheses, orthopedics). In the medical field, silicone additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce custom-made devices without taking a manual impression or using a mold. It also allows hollowing and the variation of infill rates to render parts lighter or modify their properties (reduce hardness, add resistance, better damping, from anisotropy to the printed part etc).
The S300X can print a variety of materials including medical grade RTV2 silicone (5, 10, 25, 40 ShA) certified ISO 10993-05 for contact with skin, industrial grade RTV2 silicone (45shA) and polyurethane (from 50 to 85 ShA). These age-resistant silicones require no heavy post-processing and possess mechanical properties equivalent to those of injection molding.
Note that the arrival of the S300X coincides with the release of Lynxter’s own range of materials which include its industrial quality SIL001 silicone.

Before/After silicone printed part with soluble support

Before/After silicone printed part with soluble support


Independent Double Extrusion (IDEX) technology

Fitted with a LIQ11 single-component toolhead to print the support and a two-component LIQ21 toolhead to print the parts, the S300X further pushes the boundaries of silicone 3D printing thanks to its IDEX technology.
The two independent extrusion heads make it quick and easy to print complex shapes using soluble support structures. This also paves the way to the combining of materials and the printing of parts with different physical properties in one single print.

Silicone 3D printing IDEX

Silicone 3D printing IDEX


A compact and industrial 3D printer

Designed for the production needs of companies, the S300X is robust, with a compact and industrial design that ensures efficient and flexible production. The machine prints at a high speed while maintaining a superior level of precision. Compact, quiet and reliable, the S300X is easy to integrate into any workplace. High-capacity material cartridges make it possible to print large parts or several small parts in complete autonomy with fewer material cartridge changes.
Like the S600D, this new machine is manufactured on our premises in Bayonne and is EC-approved. Lynxter is taking reliability, accuracy and usability to unprecedented levels.

Lynxter Ecosystem

In line with the Lynxter philosophy, the S300X is part of an open ecosystem. The company has packed all of its expertise into this new machine for a unique user experience. With the launch of this new printer, Lynxter is also introducing the HUB, an online platform designed to help save time and work more efficiently with advanced print profiles and direct access to guides and tutorials as well as to the interactive product catalog.

This new generation silicone 3D printer will be unveiled by Lynxter at the major international printing convention, Formnext 2022. An illustration of openness and industrial performance, the manufacturer is back with an optimized solution adapted to business needs, combining silicone printing, quality and reliability.

Customers are already able to pre-order the S300X with delivery scheduled for 2023.

Technical specifications

– Print volume: 300 x 250 x 200 mm
– Layer height: 50 μm to 1mm
– Calibration: automatic
– Nozzle diameter: Ø0.23mm to Ø1.04mm
– Printer dimensions: W 1000 x L 629 x H 887 mm
– Toolheads: Independent double extrusion
– Support: dissolvable material
– Security: closed filtered environment
– Heated build chamber


About Lynxter

Based in France, we design and build industry 4.0 additive manufacturing machine tools. Experts in our field, our aim is to democratize 3D printing by proposing quality tools and high-performance solutions to professionals.
The expertise of Lynxter’s support and development services allows wide access to cutting edge know-how and ensures an optimal user experience.

Meet us:

Formnext – Frankfurt, 15-18 November, Hall 11.1 Booth E02
CES – Las Vegas, 5-8 January, Eureka Park

Press : Marion Koegler / marion.koegler@lynxter.fr