filament 3D print

Multimaterial technical parts

Rapid, precise and clean triple extrusion

Seamlessly switch between three materials to create parts with multiple colors and features , thanks to the automatic nozzle levelling, cleaning and closing system. With this optimal nozzle setup, the S600D offers a large build volume of ⌀360mm x 600m.

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-fabrication addtive-lynxter-impression 3D professionnelle - fabricant d'imprimantes 3D industrielles francaises - silicone

High-performance thermoplastics

The extrusion you need

Operating inside a heated build environment, the three independent lines of extrusion are separately water-cooled, enabling the manufacture of parts made of high-tech thermoplastics.

Maximum temperatures: extrusion 450°C – build chamber 80°C – build plate 200°C



Different materials, finishes and flow rates

Rapid prototyping, industrial tooling production in small and medium series, realization of models, maintenance and repair parts, customization, production on demand

The triple extrusion of the FIL33 allows you to print 3 different colors. Its three nozzles offer a quick change of material without any manual intervention.


zoom impression 3D professionnelle - fabricant d'imprimantes 3D industrielles francaises - silicone, filament, céramique


An open approach to excellence

The ⌀1.75mm thermoplastic filament is the most widespread standard among users and suppliers. Simply pick from our selection of presets for guaranteed results or experiment freely with the filaments of your choice. Set up your FIL33 toolhead to print in ABS-PC, PEKK, PC, TPU, PET etc. the list is long!

Our products are designed and manufactured with passion in our workshops in the Basque Country, France


Technical specifications

  • Extruders

    3 x independant extrusion lines Ø1.75 mm

    Maximum extrusion temperature

    450 °C

    Interchangeable nozzles

    Ø0.15 mm à Ø1.20 mm

    Print job protection

    End of consumable sensors

    Printing volume

    ⌀345 mm x 600 mm

    Thermal environment

    60 °C

    Maximum speed of the tool

    150 mm/s - 9000 mm/min

    Easy to use

    Automatic nozzle levelling

    Clean and secure

    Automatic nozzle cleaning and closing system