Univers PAS11

Silicone 3D printing

Precise and clean 3D printing

Stack lines and liquid dots with precision thanks to an industrial volumetric dispensing pump. Robust and easy to clean, the compact design allows the S600D to offer a large build volume of Ø360mmx600mm.

Impression 3D silicone buse
Tête-outil impression silicone

A new field of exploration

Different flow rates, finishes, and materials

Select the best pump flowrate (3.3ml/min or 5.5 ml/min max.) for your silicone 3D printing project, then simply set up your toolhead: choose the most suitable nozzle diameter,material, temperature and cross-linking solution.



Simplified prototyping and production

Prototyping, maintenance, custom-made orthopedic devices (contact skin approved), silicone 3D printing allows you to manufacture finished parts without any post-processing. With the LIQ11, use a single silicone material cartridge for your tests and small series, then switch to a larger high-capacity cartridge for larger projects.


soufflet impression 3D silicone


Open, innovative, high-performance

Choose a material from our pre-configured selection for guaranteed results or experiment freely with another material of your choice! Set up your toolhead to print a wide range of materials and viscosities: silicone (RTV1 and RTV2), epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylics, inks.. the list is long!

Our products are designed and manufactured with passion in our workshops in the Basque Country, France


Technical specifications

  • Extruder

    Deposition of mono-component liquids


    10-3 Pa.s to 2000 Pa.s

    Flow range

    0.03 à 3.30ml/min

    Interchangeable nozzles

    Ø0.20mm to Ø1.60mm

    Printing volume

    ⌀360mm x 600mm

    Maximum dispensing pressure

    20 bars

    Thermal environment


    Maximum speed of the tool

    150mm/s - 9000mm/min

    Pump rotor and stator

    High chemical resistance