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The liquid printing revolution

Two-component materials

LIQ21 allows 3D printing of two-component silicones and resins, making it possible to print with technical and industrial materials. The LIQ21 toolhead‘s advanced technology guarantees an innovative 3D printing experience.

Silicone (RTV2, LSR) & polyurethane 3D printing

impression 3D silicone bicomposant vue de face
Impression 3D silicone bicomposant

Silicone 3D Printing

consistency and precision

LIQ21 features a volumetric dispensing pump for high-precision dispensing of component A & component B. A static mixer is attached to the printhead and ensures homogeneous mixing.

LIQ21 provides unmatched print quality with fine and precise dispensing.

Easy to clean, precise extrusion start and end points, chemical resistance: there are no tradeoffs for the user.

Two-component silicone additive manufacturing is now a reality.



High performance and agility

Prototyping, maintenance, custom-made orthopedic devices (contact skin approved), silicone 3D printing allows you to manufacture finished parts without any post-processing. With the LIQ11, use a single silicone material cartridge for your tests and small series, then switch to a larger high-capacity cartridge for larger projects.


  • Use a variety of technical and industrial materials in a wide range of hardness levels.
  • Nozzle diameters adapted to your project: : 0.34, 0.56, 0.69mm
  • Large build volume: Ø390mm x 600mm


manchon prothèse imprimé en 3D silicone- impression 3D professionnelle - lynxter fabricant d'imprimantes 3D industrielles francaises - silicone


Silicone additive manufacturing

Extensive range of viscosities and hardness levels for 2-component silicones.
Liquid consumables are packaged in 55ml syringes. For larger projects 960ml cartridges can be used.

Choose from materials that Lynxter has already preconfigured on the S600D or try out other materials … DARE to experiment!

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    logo liquide - impression 3D professionnelle - fabricant d'imprimantes 3D industrielles francaises - silicone, filament, céramique

    Silicone RTV2 40 ShA


    Applications: insoles, orthesis, orthopedic devices, …

Developed and assembled with passion in our workshops in France. The S600D is a French 3D printer


Technical specifications

  • Extruder

    Liquid two components (two parts)


    10-3 Pa.s to 2000 Pa.s

    Volumetric flow rate

    0.03 to 6.60ml/min

    Interchangeable nozzles

    Ø0.22mm to Ø1.04mm

    Maximum dispensing pressure

    20 bars

    Maximum speed of the tool

    150mm/s - 9000mm/min

    Thermal environment

    50° C

    Pump rotor and stator

    High chemical resistance

    Easy to use

    Easy to dismantle and clean