The S600D is a one-of-a-kind 3D printer.
It’s quick-change toolhead technology allows you to set up and print with the toolhead and nozzles of your choice in a matter of just minutes. And for a new print project in a different material, simply change the toolhead!


Maintenance, urgent manufacturing needs, prototyping, small series production…

Additive manufacturing is an undeniable asset in industrial manufacturing for maintenance, urgent manufacturing needs, prototyping, small series production etc. Its reach goes beyond industry and it is increasingly used in the healthcare sector to 3D print protheses and orthoses in silicone.The S600D is one of today’s leading silicone additive manufacturing machines.


cas d'application impression 3D professionnelle lynxter
  1. Versatile technology

    Multi-material, multi-process.
    The S600D can print a wide range of materials using different processes: filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.

  2. Limitless experience

    Our technology is open. We share our 3d printing procedures and propose extensive online documention: our lab is yours. Print in one of our previously selected materials or experiment with new ones.

  3. An evolving machine

    The S600D 3D printer is constantly evolving with a growing list of new modules that can be added or changed. The S600D evolves as 3D printing progresses: its flexibility and modularity ensure its adaptation to tomorrow’s technologies.

  4. Optimal performance

    Fitted with a filtration system and a heated enclosure, the S600D 3D printer supports high-temperature printing. With a large print volume of ⌀390mm x 600mm, the S600D offers high-performance print speed while ensuring a quality end product.

  5. simple and accessible

    The system is agile and practical for all users. With a comprehensive and straightforward integrated web interface, the S600D can be controlled remotely and independently (automatic calibration).

  6. safe and reliable

    Our professional 3D printer respects the health and safety of the user thanks to a closed and filtered printing environment (HEPA H14/active carbon).


Discover the multitude of printing possibilities thanks to our modular quick-change toolhead system. Filament, liquid or paste, choose the toolhead that fits your needs and set it up in just a matter of minutes!

  • Build volume

    Ø390mm x 600mm

    Removable toolhead

    Quick connectors for electrical wiring and liquid cooling

  • Layer height

    50μm to >1mm

    X,Y,Z resolution

    12.5μm, 12.5μm, 12.5μm

  • Max. toolhead moving speed


    Material supply


  • Build surface

    Removable, hot-swappable, ground surface

    Thermal environment

    Heated build plate: 20°C to 180°C
    Heated chamber: 20°C to 80°C
    Water-cooled toolhead

  • Print job protection

    Material runout detection

    Health and safety

    Removable dual HEPA H14
    Activated carbon filtration
    Lockable machine access

  • Control

    Standalone touchscreen and web interface

    Customizable firmware

    Lynxter S600D firmware (RepRapFirmware base)

  • Connectivity



    L230V AC 16A 50-60Hz

  • Dimensions

    W 913 x D 851 x H 1644 mm