3D printing of PU, industrial, high-performance elastomers

Courbis Group, Synthene and Lynxter


Mr. Hervé Courbis, initiator of this partnership, had long been seeking an integrated solution with a 3D printer manufacturer, a materials manufacturer and a company such as his.

The aim: to develop a system for manufacturing and printing high-performance elastomer parts for small series, custom manufacturing as well as parts with complex shapes.
Courbis Smart Polymers, with a workforce of 120 employees and turnover of 15 million Euros, is a provider of high-performance elastomer and polymer solutions for areas of activity such as “industrial vehicles” ,“transport” and the “automotive industry”.

For their part, Synthene and Lynxter have already begun working on the development of a new range of printable polyurethane with industrial mechanical properties. Synthene contributes its expertise in materials and polyurethane formulation. Lynxter, 3D printer manufacturer, contributes its technology with both its S600D multi-material printer as well as its new printer for liquids: the S300X.

The goal of this partnership is to develop high-performance engineering polymers in additive manufacturing. Two-component polyurethanes have better mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties than TPUs and can therefore meet the demands of CSP customers.

Synthene and Lynxter have already achieved results with certain grades of material and the aim is to extend this to a wider range of polyurethanes, from the very soft (40 ShA) to the very hard (up to 99shA or even shD).

With its resistance to water, oil and grease, applications for this type of material are varied. Initially used in prototyping, 3D printed parts have now moved on from this stage according to Mr. Courbis; “We are now entering the market for small and medium series production and this is where we are positioned”.

For Courbis Smart Polymers who recently acquired the Lynxter S600D printer, this is a real step forward. There will always be an economic balance to strike between small series production with 3D printing and with a traditional molding process. However, the company evaluates this to best meet each customer’s needs.

synthene,courbis and lynxter

J.Spiesse – Synthene|T.Batigne – Lynxter | H.Courbis – CPS

About Courbis

A true provider of solutions in the field of polymers and mechanics, our group designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products combining performance, durability, lightness and resistance. Driven by the taste for challenge and customer satisfaction, our teams are committed to developing technical solutions adapted to the most demanding contexts, whatever your sector of activity, drawing on our solid expertise and our multi-technology know-how.


Located near Paris, SYNTHENE places great importance in remaining an independent laboratory and in selecting trustworthy partners to develop innovative and safer products. Quality and performance are at the heart of the SYNTHENE corporate vision and its dashboard for the formulation and testing of new materials. Customer service is top priority for SYNTHENE with an emphasis placed on reactivity, transparence and technical expertise.

Customer service is an absolute priority for SYNTHENE with an emphasis on responsiveness, transparency and technical expertise.

About Lynxter

Based in France, we design and build industry 4.0 additive manufacturing machine tools. Experts in our field, our aim is to democratize 3D printing by proposing quality tools and high-performance solutions to professionals.

The expertise of Lynxter’s support and development services allows wide access to cutting edge know-how and ensures an optimal user experience.

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