Lynxter is expanding: 4 million Euros of Series A Funding

Manufacturer of unique, industrial 3D printers, Lynxter confirms its continuing growth thanks to a new round of funding to accelerate international expansion and further strengthen its offer. Its mission is clear: to make use of innovative additive manufacturing solutions to create, produce, maintain and recycle products in response to today’s challenges.

Julien Duhalde - Thomas Batigne - Nelly Martinez - Karim Sinno

Julien Duhalde – Thomas Batigne – Nelly Martinez – Karim Sinno

En 2019, LIn 2019, Lynxter completed a €1.5 million seed round thanks to trusted investors (IRDI Soridec Gestion and Emeric d’Arcimoles). This first round of funding enabled the company to develop its R&D lab, the core of its activity, and to begin commercializing its first generation of 3D printers. Moving forward during a period of crisis and uncertainty, Lynxter has proven that its value proposition is still completely relevant and addresses strategic challenges including reshoring and the safeguarding of production. Thanks to solid management and adaptability, Lynxter has strengthened its ecosystem, won over markets in France and neighboring countries, and has begun expanding to North America.

Today, Lynxter has closed a series A round of 4 million Euros with both longstanding investors, renewing their confidence, and new investors onboard, backing the project and its significant opportunities for growth.
Groupe Etchart, NACO (advised by M/Capital), Pyrénées Gascogne Développement and HERRIKOA are new trusted partners in line with a regional strategy that focuses on deeptech and reindustrialization 4.0.
This dynamic likewise confirms a booming additive manufacturing market with increasingly experienced players and the systematic use of this technology in industry, healthcare and academic fields.

The Lynxter team

The Lynxter team

Lynxter has multiple objectives for this new phase:
– To export its innovations to countries further afield via existing partners and by entering into new markets.
– To consolidate its position as leader in 3D printing elastomers (silicone), in particular via its new machine, the S300X.
– To reinforce its team with the recruitment of some ten team members in 2023.
– To continue innovation, preserve and enrich its identity based on research and development.
A new dimension has opened up for Lynxter, who will strengthen its position as leader in the 3D printing of silicone and elastomers and thus expand internationally.

Lynxter is grateful to all persons and entities who supported us throughout this important round of funding: The Line, INLO and Aldebaran Advisors have proven their effectiveness, value and professionalism.

Lynxter, a unique and innovative solution

Founded in 2016 by three students from the ENIT National Engineering School in Tarbes, Thomas Batigne, Julien Duhalde and Karim Sinno, Lynxter created the first modular, industrial 3D printer, the S600D. Impressed by Lynxter’s innovative approach, Airbus became the company’s first customer and hence propelled Lynxter’s name across the world of 3D printing.
Today, Lynxter’s numerous customers include other large companies such as Schneider, Sanofi and Renault. The company has broadened its ecosystem and now commercializes an additional machine, the S300X, dedicated entirely to silicone printing, and has also launched its own range of materials.

The industrial world is continuously evolving. It is important to be reactive and to have a more sustainable and responsible approach by investing in industry 4.0 technologies. Lynxter’s role is to respond to these economical, strategical and ecological changes by proposing an innovative solution that adapts to today’s challenges.
The company’s technology helps to revolutionize creation and innovation in order to provide agile and versatile production methods while simultaneously optimizing both human and material resources. Overall performance is improved, product maintenance is facilitated and printed parts are proven to be effective.

3D Printer S300X and S600D

3D Printer S300X and S600D

IRDI Capital Investissement
A leader in regional private equity for over 40 years in Occitania and New Aquitaine
Emeric d’Arcimoles, C3ICI
Business angel
Groupe Etchart
Etchart Group, construction company.
Regional financial mechanism of Co-investment dedicated to the accompaniment of all companies of New Aquitaine which commit themselves in an economic, social and ecological change.
Pyrénées Gascogne Developpement
Subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne dedicated to venture capital, development capital and transmission projects in its territory.
Solidarity investment fund for the economic development of the Basque Country.