French savoir-faire is put to the forefront with the Lynxter 3D printer

Lynxter, machine-tool additive manufacturer, designs, develops and builds the S600D in its workshop in Bayonne in the south-west of France.

All divisions of Lynxter are housed in the same workplace: workshop, R&D, design department, finance & sales, marketing & communication.

Fouad and Julien, the Lynxter workshop technicians, assemble the S600D with a focus on pneumatic, mechanical and electrical machine assembly.  To aid productivity, they design batches of three or four S600D sub-assemblies. This optimizes labor time and reduces manufacturing time.

The assembly team is supported by Tony who organizes and manages production. Day-to-day issues are dealt with in a timely manner either internally or with our partners. Negative impacts to production quality or delays to delivery times can thus be avoided.

All S600D quality control tests are carried out in our workshop.  Test benches, designed by our teams, enable all equipment to be thoroughly tested prior to delivery.

Local sub-contracting; a choice that embodies Lynxter’s values

Lynxter’s workshop technicians possess the skills and know-how to make and assemble every component of the S600D. However, for some parts, it can be more advantageous to sub-contract when these parts are made from a highly technical material or if the manufacturing process is long.

It is our policy to favor, wherever possible, local sub-contractors, or national sub-contractors if no local company can be found.  Thanks to this sourcing strategy, almost all of our sub-contracted components are manufactured in south-west France or at least in France.

For example, sheet metal parts are made in Toulouse and those that are machined are made in Dax in the neighboring department. Parts used for the casing of the S600D are made further away, in Brittany.  Our nearest partner is located in Villefranque, just 10km from the Lynxter workshop where the S600D is assembled. Close and trusting relationships with our sub-contractors can easily be formed when they are located so near our own premises.

Made in France; at the heart of Lynxter’s DNA

The deliberate decision to centralize our manufacturing in the South-West of France or more widely in France was made when Lynxter was founded.

The objective is to promote the French know-how of our industry, which is extremely competitive both in terms of quality and price.

Made in France: a guarantee of credibility and trust

Choosing to manufacture in France has many significant benefits.

Knowing exactly where our parts are made allows us to be more reactive and efficient. Communication is easier and faster. In the event of a defect, particularly in an urgent situation, proximity is an undeniable asset to resolve any partner issues rapidly.

The manufacturing of parts for the additive manufacturing machine on our own premises enables us to continually develop the S600D with complete control over production and unmatched reactivity.


The Covid-19 crisis has reinforced our decision to prefer local suppliers. Lynxter has experienced no shortage of parts and production has not been affected even while borders were closed.

What are Lynxter’s future production strategies for the S600D?

The objective is clear: to continue working locally whenever possible. This approach is beneficial for the region, for our team and for our community of users. New infrastructures for production and R&D are being developed to accompany our growing business: a joint project with the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and the “Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque”. For this project, we are seeking additional complementary local partners to accompany our development and growth. Soon, quality certification of our company and production methods will showcase the level of discipline that Lynxter has adhered to right from the very beginning.