The solution,


Print a wide range of complex materials on a single machine.

Experiment: Customize with the tool head of your choice.

3D printing liquid, filament, paste


  1. Versatile

    Multi-materials and multi-processes, on one single machine. Colors, materials, and processes to mix. To invent.

    Broad selection of thermolpastics, silicones and other materials to come.

  2. Open

    Achieve your projetcs with help from the Lynxter community.

    Choose between our selection of materials or experiment with new ones.

  3. Scalable

    A center in constant evolution thanks to an increasing list of new units.

  4. Performant

    Rapid, precise and more powerful solutions than in traditional 3D printers allow our customers to put technical materials into action in an instant.

  5. Smart

    Automatic piloting system. Remote connectivity

  6. Secure

    Respects the health and security of the user thanks to its closed and filtered printing environment (HEPA 14 + activated carbon filtration).

Customize, alternate.

Equip your S600D with the tool head that suits the materials you want to deposit.


  • Emergency manufacturing, small series, multi-materials

  • Functional prototypes

  • Research and development


The S600D in every details

  • Building volume

    Ø390mm x 600mm

    Removable tool head

    Easy mechanical attachment, electronic plugs and liquid cooling

  • Layer height

    50μm to >1mm

    X,Y,Z resolution

    12.5μm, 12.5μm, 12.5μm

  • Max. moving speed of tool head


    Material supply


  • Building surface

    Ground surface

    Thermal environment

    Heated building surface: 20°C to 200°C
    Building volume: 20°C to 80°C
    Water-cooled tool

  • Manufacturing job protection

    Emergency recovery in case of power cuts
    End of consumable sensors

    Health and safety

    Removable double HEPA H14/activated carbon filtration
    Locked machine access

  • Piloting

    Stand alone touch screen and web interface

    Customizable firmware

    Lynxter S600D firmware (RepRapFirmware base)

  • Connectivity



    230V AC 16A 50-60Hz

  • Dimensions

    l 913 x L 851 x H 1644 mm