Initiatives that make a real impact reap rewards for Lynxter

Lynxter took part in the 8th national investment forum, Innovaday, on 7th December in Bordeaux, France. This forum, organized by Unitec and the regional development agency ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine, is one of the foremost events in France for funding innovation and is attended by experts from throughout the region as well as by organizations that support creation, development and technological innovation.

The company, selected following a nation-wide call for nominations, was amongst some 30 laureates who were able to benefit from one-on-one specially convened meetings scheduled with a panel of over 60 investors and innovation experts.

In parallel, the first edition of the NA20 took place. Backed by the 7 French Tech ecosystems of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the NA20 is a selection of 20 start-ups from the region that combine job creation, economic performance and a positive environmental impact.

Lynxter is one of these 2022 winners and has been recognized for its initiatives that have positive financial as well as social and environmental impact.

The values advocated by the company match those of the French Tech: innovation, growth and creation of employment in the region, positive impact on society, environmental conservation, responsible management etc.

A policy of responsible employment

Lynxter, with 21 employees, a net increase of 6 during 2021, strives for team diversity and ensures gender equality in the workplace. The company has adopted numerous measures to favor equality and employee well-being. For example, equality of opportunity is central to the recruitment process where the human values of young candidates may be given greater weight than educational qualifications.

“Employee empowerment in line with values of the liberated company model creates a climate of trust and mutual support that encourages achievement, well-being and performance” Thomas Batigne, co-founder and President of Lynxter.

Employee well-being is encouraged by open communication, born from a horizontal model of management. Team meetings are held regularly and team building sessions are organized in order to reinforce bonds between employees and to integrate new members. Additionally, activities outside the workplace and working hours take place for all team members.

Commitment to improved social and environmental impact

Lynxter’s value proposition is founded on the dissemination of tools and solutions for more lean and agile design, production and procurement practices. This, approached through the prism of additive manufacturing, allows parts and prototypes to be produced quickly.

Lynxter has implemented multiple measures designed to reduce the impact of its activities on biodiversity and the environment.

Some examples of such initiatives (to name but a few) include: local sourcing, 3D printing of parts for the printer itself, production of sustainable products that can be dismantled and that are easily maintainable and recyclable, waste sorting and conversion etc.

Its next project: to build a new completely green building with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, neutral carbon footprint etc. .

A virtuous economy

Lynxter’s economic growth in 2021 was extremely positive, with turnover that has doubled compared to 2019.

The sustainability of its economic model is based on:

A capacity to resolve issues for the long term

A capacity to make sales, make more sales and generate a continuous cash flow

A capacity to grow to a critical size in line with the market.

In 2021, Lynxter significantly developed its activity abroad. Its 3D printer, the S600D, is now present in nine European countries. Opportunities for international growth are real: the company now aims to strengthen its presence in the European market and begin expansion into transatlantic and Asian markets.