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Silicone 3D Printing and modularity

Our 3D Printing solutions span across technical filaments, ceramics, and both one-part and two-part elastomers. We serve the medical, industrial, and research and development sectors.

Experience the forefront of liquid and customizable 3D printing innovation today.

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S300X elastomer 3D printer

Improve your processes and business, unlock design possibilities, and revolutionize production across industries from surface treatment to healthcare.


multi material 3D Printing

Unlimited Material Possibilities


Silicones, thermoplastics, ceramics, …

Our 3D printers offer unmatched versatility, capable of handling an large array of materials. From Silicones (RTV1 and RTV2), Polyurethane (PU), and technical ceramics to filament-based options like PA Carbon, PP, PEKK-A, Polycarbonate, and TPU, our printers are open to a world of possibilities.

Discover our curated selection of Lynxter materials, designed for ease of use and exceptional results


From Industry to Healthcare


Exploring 3D Printing Possibilities

From rapid prototyping and maintenance solutions to protective components, masking parts, soft robotics, and breakthroughs in medical devices, the applications of 3D printing are limitless. Discover inspiring stories of how our users have changed their industries and transformed their processes through 3D printing.


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Our customers are our top priority. We’re here to guide you on your additive manufacturing journey, offering comprehensive training, support, and expert intervention when you need it most. Integrate additive manufacturing into your business with peace of mind thanks to our dynamic and dedicated customer support team. Your success is our mission.